Providing Your Organization

Unparalleled Value

Personalized Goal Plans

Employees plan, organize, and track daily, short-term, and long-term goals.

Community Goal Plans

Dynamic team building based on domain expertise uncovers hidden talent and provides untapped access to growth and opportunities

Universal Goal Plan Templates

Reusable Goal Plans that can be created by managers and deployed to individuals or across departments

LMS Integration

Content based on BOLD Method Assessment results and Goal Plans are targeted for each user.

Manager Check-Ins & Reporting

Managers stay aligned on shared goals with quick-view dashboards and recurring touch-base meetings.

Mobile Enablement

Employees can access Goal Plans and participate in peer-to-peer coaching while on-the-go.

Actionable Insights

Receive real-time cognitive datasets and actionable insights to better serve employees.


TeamOnUP is GDPR compliant, and personal data is encrypted via an SSL Certificate.

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